“FOOD IS LOVE" is our second episode of The Self Care Diaries, where we had the opportunity to partner with the Sussex Squad Cooking Club. Macarena, from their team, was an absolute joy to speak with. She shared how she got involved with the club and their mission to build community and connections through the joy of cooking. Their work truly embodies the idea that food is storytelling, an expression of culture, and love.


Have you ever met someone and immediately recognized the light and love shining from them? That’s how it was for me with Chef Mary Adams. To dedicate your life to feeding others, it has to be a labor of love. Add CBD and medical cannabis to the mix and now we’re really talking about using food for healing. As I continue on my own wellness journey and work to repair my personal relationship with food, it was a healing experience to be able to speak with someone who was willing to be vulnerable enough to share their experiences and knowledge.


Thank you both for speaking with us!


1. My name is: Mary Adams

2. The first thing I do when I wake up is: give thanks for all my blessings and envision 3 positive things I want to happen in my day.

3. One self-care routine I have is: meditation.

4. I can't live without: coffee & cannabis.

5. If I had one week to escape I would: hike in Arizona.

6. One thing I would do if I knew I couldn't fail: I 'd have a TV show concept that combines Jada’s Red Table and a cooking show. So many cannabis patients hide their use because of the stigma and misinformation. Each person who tells their story makes it ok for the next woman to tell her story - it changes lives. After telling their story, I’d like to cook with them - showing them how to include cannabis (CBD and THC) in their food and favorite dishes.  Food is memory, love, life-sustaining and can heal.